May 2016

Once and For All

Special Mother's Day message from Vicki Shimko, our Lead Pastor's wife. She concludes our Guardrails message series by diving into the Book of Daniel and exploring what it means to follow God by faith and trusting He has things under His control.

The Consumption Assumption

Where is our identity, in Christ or things? God has given us so much to thrive in this life. Let us realize all His blessings and enjoy this life He has given to us.

April 2016


Be prudent with the gift of life God has given to you. As you seek Him, He will reveal wisdom and understanding in the situations you find yourself.

Run Baby Run!

In order to run from temptation, we must know the way of escape provided by God. Pursue holiness and the path will be made clear.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Direct and Protect

God through His Word has given us guardrails to direct and protect us from things which will lead to destructive habits and lives. Trusting in the guardrails will lead to a successful and fruitful life.

March 2016

The Joy of Finding Jesus

Through the resurrection of Jesus, we are able to experience a joy in this world that enables us to make it through all our fears. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life.

For All the Right Reasons

Would you do the good you do even if nobody knew or was looking or gave recognition? Let us bring glory to God through our actions, finances, thoughts and words. We serve others and give ourselves away because of His great love for us.


God wants to be first in your life. In order to Out Live Your Life, you must commitment your life fully to Him.

The Poor as Priority

Jesus came to save those how needed help. We have been called to do the same. What ways are you sacrificing daily so that so one else might be bettered because of you.