August 2017

The Power of Love

July 2017

Let the Walls Come Down

Jesus can tear down dividing walls.

What’s Your Identity?

God has so blessed His faithful followers with an unshakable identity in Christ! And He wants you to know this so you will experience a fulfilling life of faith in Him!

A Change of Heart

The character of a person sets one apart from others and is noticeable by God and by others.

God Has Made a Way

Even when there seems to be no way, God has made a way.

Courage to Save One More

Moments of courage are established through repeated times of preparation.

June 2017

The Cost of Living a Dream

Godly dreams focus on the heart of God.

Avoid Being Miserable

If you want to make a change, take a look at yourself and allow God to make the change.

Let the People “Move Out”

Spiritual gifts are to be utilized for the moment not treasured for eternity.

Let the People “Move Up”