July 2016

What Road Are You On?

Promises and Prisons

Speaking the Truth in Love

June 2016

To Whom It May Concern

God's grace can overcome any past and give you a better future.

The Rest App

The sabbath was created for you and not you for the Sabbath. Find rest in God's ability to provide in the big and small stuff.

The Encouragement App

Encouragement + God = Optimism

The Trust App

To truly experience love, we must learn to always trust those who God has given to us to live life around. Let us see the very best in others.

May 2016

The Confession App

God has given an incredible gift through confession. It is here we begin to change and depend upon His power and grace to make things right again.

The Forgiveness APP

Application is Everything

What good is God's Word if we do not put it into practice. Be doers of the Word and not just hearers!