At the end of Luke 2 is a verse about Jesus’ childhood. In reality, it’s almost a prayer we believe every parent should pray over their child. InLuke 2:52, it says, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” (Try substituting your child’s name for Jesus and re-read this personalized verse.) As our children progress through their elementary years, we see first hand so many changes. Their appetite to learn and be social seems to explode. Try keeping them in clothes and shoes…it’s a never-ending trip to the mall! Personalities continue to be deepened in the way God has made them. In the mix with all these radical changes is this ever developing awareness of God. Our ministry to elementary kids is all about the basic elements of faith. We explore ideas of character and responsibility, we teach life principles of compassion and truth that are grounded in scripture, and along the way get a front row seat to see God working in your family’s next generation. Bring your kids this Sunday to experience the joy in learning about God’s truths.

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